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Advanced Topics}Particle Physics

If one knows little about particle physics, one can make (at least) the following deductions, wherein one recalls the composites of each particle:

(A) A muon is a lepton. Leptons, along with quarks, are considered the fundamental particles.

(B) Pi-Meson consists of a quark and its antiparticle. (Contribution to this part of the solution is due to user danty.) Moreover, a pi-meson is a hadron. Hadrons interact with the strong-force, and all of them are composed of combinations of quarks. (The fundamental particles are classified as quarks and leptons.)

(C) A neutron is made up of 3 quarks.

(D) A deuteron consists of a proton and a neutron. (tritium is two neutrons and a proton, while regular Hydrogen is just an electron and proton)

(E) An alpha particle consists of electrons and protons and neutrons.

Choice (A) remains. Choose that.

If one has some time, one might want to remember the elementary particles involved in the Standard Model. There are six quarks and six leptons. Three of the leptons are neutrinos and the other three are the electron, the tau, and the muon. (Also, in a decay similar to beta-decay, a muon is emitted instead of an electron. Charge conservation works since a muon is like an electron except it is about 200 times more massive.)

Wikipedia has a good reference on this:

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2011-03-31 15:32:01
yosun, mesons are actually any quark-antiquark pair. they are not necessarily each others anti particle.

if it was always a quart and its antiparticle, then all mesons would be neutral, and experimental particle physics would be a lot harder!

thanks for all your hard work
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2006-08-31 09:11:38
minor correction: for choice E explaination, an alpha paricle contains only 2 protons and 2 nuetrons, and no electrons

(Add an election to the picture and it simply becomes Helium)
2010-04-04 23:49:53
Add 2 electrons for He, and 1 for ionized He.
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2005-12-06 23:45:06
see also:
2016-02-27 14:12:42
2005-12-06 20:12:17
JB: thanks for the correction. (positron corrected to tau)NEC
2005-12-05 13:26:54
The other three leptons include the electron, muon and tau i.e. not the positron.
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2005-11-11 18:25:36
The three generations of leptons are electron, muon and taon. Each of these has an anti-particle, the positron being the name for the anti-electron. Also, each of these is associated to one of the three neutrinos, which also have anti-particles (which is how electron-lepton no. etc is conserved in beta decay).

(I think!)
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