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Advanced Topics}Particle Physics

The properties of a muon most closely resembles that of an electron. In the usual \beta-decay, an electron is emitted along with either a neutrino or an antineutrino. In a wildcard \beta-decay, a muon is emitted instead of an electron.

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2019-08-10 03:09:29
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2009-10-19 19:32:29
Muons are leptons:

A) electrons are leptons
B) & C) graviton and photon are force mediating particles (bosons)
D) Pions are quarks (a quark and an antiquark)
E) Protons are a trio of quarks.

A) fits best.
2007-05-20 02:08:40
A muon has charge -1 and spin 1/2.
An electron has charge -1 and spin 1/2.
A graviton has charge 0 and spin 2.
A photon has charge 0 and spin 1.
A pion has either charge +1 or 0 and spin 0. A proton has charge +1 and spin 1/2.

With these criteria, the electron most closely resembles the properties of the electron.
From Vol 2 of H/R/K.
2006-10-23 12:39:26
I would say that muon is a partical from Lepton group so are electron, tauon, neutrino. So the answer must be (A).NEC

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Your your equation is well solved. upcoming fighting games

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