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Special Relativity}Spacetime Interval

The spacetime interval is defined by the metric that negates spatial and time variables as dS^2 = (cdt)^2 - (dx)^2. dS is invariant. One has thus dS^2 = dS'^2 \Rightarrow (3c)^2=(5c)^2-(ct)^2\Rightarrow ct = 4 c minutes, as in choice (C).

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2018-10-26 22:10:37
Quick, dumb way I did it without having to figure out what exactly the question was asking:\r\n\r\nSpace time intervals have a Pythagorean relationship, the two numbers we are given are 3 and 5, to complete the Pythagorean triple we need a 4 so we get (C). It even has the trap answer of 4^2 = 16 (E), to give a little more confidence in (C).NEC
2012-04-20 15:12:22
Man, I was kind of surprised that only 1/3 of test-takers got this one correct.NEC
pam d
2011-09-16 14:40:56
<3 spacetime intervalNEC

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<3 spacetime interval

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