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Theorists like monopoles because if they exist, Maxwell's equation would be symmetrical. Thus, one would get to add terms to the divergence of B and the curl of E to make it symmetric with their other-field counterparts. Choose choice (E).

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2010-10-01 09:05:17
There is a obvious difference between the answers of two 01 and 92 .equation 13 of 92 shows that the only problematic equation of Maxwell's is of divergence of B is equal to zero and it must be changed to be true,but in 01,curl E is added to above equation.......what is difference?
2010-10-05 12:35:18
The question in this exam is clearer because it says that magnetic charge has to be conserved. If magnetic charge exists, div B = p_m (magnetic charge density).
Taking the divergence in III, one has 0 = - \partialt p_m . For magnetic charge to be conserved, one has to add -\vec{j_m} to the equation.
2009-07-03 14:13:30
Magnetic monopoles*NEC

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