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Thermodynamics}Carnot Cycle

The Carnot cycle is the cycle of the most efficient engine, which does NOT have e=1 (unless T_1=0), but rather, dS=0---this means that entropy stays constant. Choice (C) is thus false.

The efficiency of the Carnot cycle is dependent on the temperature of the hot and cold reservoir. The hot reservoir has decreasing entropy because it gets cooler as the cycle proceeds. From writing down the thermodynamic relations for isothermal and adiabatic paths and matching P-V boundary conditions, one can determine that Q_1/Q_2 = T_1/T_2. The efficiency is thus e=\frac{Q_2-Q_1}{Q_2}=1-Q_1/1_2 = 1-T_1/T_2.

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2023-07-11 19:04:29
Can someone explain to me the solution? I don\'t get it wht E ideal gas or what is? taylordleNEC
2013-09-15 16:15:45
entropy is a state variable, therefore it is path independent. Since you end up at the same spot as you started, it must be the same. KhanAcademy thermal videos FTW :P!
2011-11-08 07:07:24
is it right to say that since the hot reservoir is losing heat its entropy is decreasing?
2012-01-25 11:29:56
Yes, I think it's right. In KL the hot reservoir's entropy is decreasing while the system's entropy is increasing. In MN the system's entropy increases in the same amount so in a cycle there's no net change in the entropy of the system.
2009-09-21 19:37:32
dS is an exact differential so it is zero when integrated around a closed loopNEC
2009-03-26 09:52:40
The whole point of a Carnot cycle is to show the theoretical maximum efficiency. By definition this means that the entropy of the system stays the same because entropy is what makes you lose efficiency. Also, this is a theoretical system, so no change in entropy is possible.NEC
2006-07-25 04:28:34
In the E is indepentend of the working substance as long as it is ideal gas i think
Poop Loops
2008-11-05 23:41:43
No, it is always independent of the substance. The problem is you can't always get a substance to work in a Carnot cycle. But if you can, then it doesn't matter what you're using.

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