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Statistical Mechanics}Specific Heat

Both Debye and Einstein assumed that there are 3N oscillators. (In fact, one can argue that the core of condensed matter begins with the assumption that a continuum piece of matter is basically a tiny mattress---a bunch of springs laden together.) Answer is thus (B).

However, Einstein was too lazy, and he decided that all 3N oscillators have the same frequency. Debye assigned a spectrum of frequencies (phonons).

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2013-10-16 06:43:31
2016-09-14 15:38:22
I wonder why you have to make this comment which is not related to the question. I assume everyone is encouraged to use English on this website. (btw I am Chinese too.
2017-04-03 19:31:06
2017-09-08 22:42:01
You\'d better delete the comment.
2010-04-03 18:46:09
What I'm concerning is 'independent' harmonic
oscillators - In Debye theory of solid, H.O.s are
not independent and that actually makes difference
as you guys arleady referred.
Of course it specified 'vibrational energy', so still
the nearest choice may be (B), but I don't think
it is nice and smooth problem.
2018-10-23 04:23:24
In classical regimes, equipartition of energy.
2005-11-11 09:07:25
"Einstein was too lazy" is an amazing comment! Although it is almost offensive :-) the result is sure: I'll never forget Einstein decided that the oscillators have the same frequency!
2005-11-11 14:21:06
altair: here's another bit of irreverent trivia---Einstein's 1/3-arsed theory did not produce the right specific heat for low temperatures, and thus deBye's theory, which gave the right resulst for both low and high temperatures, prevailed (recall the T^3 law for low temperatures).

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