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  GR8677 #46
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Verbatim question for GR8677 #46
Statistical Mechanics}Blackbody Radiation

Recall the T^4 law

where \sigma is the energy density.

Apply that law. 10=T_1^4 and x=2^4 T_1^4, where mW is the units. Compare the two to get x=2^4 \times 10 mW =160 mW. This is choice (E).

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2019-08-23 02:01:51
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2019-08-09 06:22:19
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2011-11-07 10:58:03
i think it would be best if you just wrote dE/dt proportional to T^4 since σ is the symbol for the constant in the law and people might get confused... just a suggestion :)NEC

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