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  GR8677 #34
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Verbatim question for GR8677 #34
Mechanics}Potential Energy

Recall the lovely relation,

U=kx^4\Rightarrow F=-4kx^3

See below for user comments and alternate solutions! See below for user comments and alternate solutions!
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2009-08-04 10:37:53
The easiest way is by doing dimensional analysis. (A) is in units of energy, same with (C). (D) is energy times distance. This leaves (B) and (E). (E) is the force associated with gravity, which our potential energy equation looks nothing like the gravitational potential equation. We are left with (B).
2010-11-01 10:42:12
I think thats the hardest way to do this. Easiest is the solution given. You should remember that \vec{F}= - \nabla{U}. If you dont then you should think about memorizing that one. It will be mighty helpful.
pam d
2011-09-24 09:53:55
neon37, I second that.
2012-04-15 21:03:04
Even though that's the long route for this problem, knowing the units of "k" will be useful in 35 and 36.
2006-10-27 15:15:32

i cant get enough practice problems for quant. i have got schaum seeries but it has only derivations any one has any material plz i want it
2005-11-08 12:10:14
I think you mean U=kx^4 instead of U=kx^5 for the potential given.
2005-11-09 02:27:05
Mexicorn: thanks for the typo-alert; it has been corrected.
Fixed Typos!

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